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Analysis of the Other Services Area

The Other Services area, following the reorganization of the Group's activities which has seen the placement of the District Heating, Heat Management and Industrial Micro-Generation under the Gas and Electricity areas, has been focused on services of Public Lighting and Telecommunications. Result for 2009 show an increase over the previous year:

(millions of €)31-Dec-200831-Dec-2009Abs. Change% Change
Area EBITDA13.521.1+7.6+56.1%
Group EBITDA528.3567.3+39.0+7.4%
Percentage weight2.6%3.7%+1.1 p.p. 

An analysis of the operating results achieved in the Other Services area is shown below:

Income statement (millions of €)31-Dec-2008% Inc.31-Dec-2009% Inc.Abs. Change% Change 
Revenues75.7 108.3 +32.6+43.1%
Operating costs(53.0)-70.1%(73.0)-67.3%+20.0+37.7%
Personnel costs(11.5)-15.2%(17.4)-16.0%+5.9+51.4%
Capitalised costs2.43.2%3.12.9%+0.7+29.3%

It should be recalled that in 2009, following the reduction of the shares held by the industrial partner Infracom, were consolidated by the Group the Acantho S.p.A. and Satcom S.p.A., which operated in the telecommunications sector, with a contribution to the result that more than offset the decrease due to some minor services abandoned in 2008. The companies concerned operate a total of about 3,200 km of optical fibre and serve more than 7,000 customers.

As for the service of public lighting, despite the reduction of three municipalities upon contract expiration, the number of points of light managed has increased by 1.4%.

The following table reproduces the main quantitative indicators of the area:

Quantitative data31-Dec-200831-Dec-2009Abs. Change% Change
Public lighting    
Light units (thousand)326.8331.5+4.7+1.4%
Municipalities served6461-3-4.7%


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