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Significant Events after Year-End

Hera Comm Marche Srl / Aspes Gas Srl
Effective 1 January 2010, Aspes Gas Srl, wholly owned by Marche Multiservizi Spa, was merged by incorporation in Hera Comm Marche Srl, wholly owned by Hera Comm Srl, the purpose of both of the latter companies being the sale of natural gas and electricity to end customers.
Hera Comm Marche Srl’s share capital, which had previously increased from Euro 100,000 to Euro 700,000, rose to Euro 1,458,332 as a result of the aforementioned merger.
Following this transaction, 48% of the share capital of the company was held by Hera Comm S.r.l and the remaining 52% by Marche Multiservizi Spa
Subsequently, on 2 February 2010, 12% of the share capital of Hera Comm Marche Srl was sold by Marche Multiservizi Spa to Hera Comm Srl  Following this transaction, 60% of the share capital of Hera Comm Marche Srl is held by Hera Comm Srl and the remaining 40%by Marche Multiservizi Spa

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