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Strategic approach

Hera aims to create value through a multi-stakeholder approach and focus on achieving growth in accordance with all internal and external development guidelines to benefit from both the economies of scale and to pool resources resulting from mergers with multi-utility companies operating in the sector.

Hera constantly aims to improve efficiency and employs an innovative organisational model based on the centralisation of certain general departments, and the maintenance of strong roots in the areas served. This model was subject to further development in 2009 with the transformation of certain Group operating companies into organisational units.

The Group has always been focused on the development of open markets, which has led to significant results in 2009 despite the recession. Special attention has been placed on the cross-selling policies of the services to the extensive, loyal customer base.
The development of market share in the deregulated electricity and special waste treatment markets is currently supported by a strategy to develop plant capacities. Three new plants were finished and put into operation in 2009. The objective in regulated markets has been to strengthen supervision in the reference area only. A gas and district heating system distribution network was purchased in 2009 in the reference area in view of the upcoming call for tenders to supply services.

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