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Business plan

Hera lays out its strategies in a business plan that is updated on an annual basis. The most recent update dates back to September 2009 (with a five-year plan to 2013) and indicates that the strategy is to achieve further market growth in both deregulated activities and upstream activities, in addition to confirming its focus on achieving synergy between costs and revenues, on developing new plants where electricity is generated from renewable sources, and on strengthening its plant base. The plan sets out the growth objectives that mainly rely on factors that are already in place, through development by internal growth lines (new plants recently started up or at an advanced stage of construction, future tariffs that have already been agreed for regulated activities, corporate restructuring already carried out).
The growth planned will be supported by a strong five-year investment plan, which will not be as ambitious as the last 3 plans on average since many of the “big plants” have already been built. Future investments will be fully funded by cash flows generated which will be capable of supporting an increasing dividend policy and maintaining the solid financial structure for the entire period the plan is in place.

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