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Hera has almost complete coverage of the reference area in the gas sector. It is the biggest of the “local” companies and the fourth on a national level in terms of volumes distributed. With over 1.1 million customers, Hera sells over 2.5 billion cubic metres of gas per year.

The Group has a direct transportation capacity from abroad, for about 400,000,000 m³ of gas through the TAG gas pipeline. The Galsi gas pipeline currently under construction between Italy and Algeria will add a further one billion m³ per year to this capacity.

Since its establishment, Hera has pursued a “dual fuel” sales strategy, allowing it to develop the electricity market at moderate growth rates, both through cross-selling to existing customers, and through expansion to new markets. Hera is one of the leading 10 Italian operators, and also one of the companies with the highest growth rates.

The development of sales was accompanied by the simultaneous balanced development of energy availability through the formation of joint ventures for the purchase of shares in combined cycle plants, the development of its own of generation plants from renewable or similar sources and the start-up of cogeneration plants.

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