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Waste Management

Hera is the leading domestic operator in the waste management sector by quantity of waste collected and disposed of: urban waste collection is regulated by a concession that will expire in 2012, while the disposal of special waste is an open market business. The tariffs for 2008-2012 have been agreed to with local authorities.

Over the last seven years, the list of plant infrastructures has grown to more than 70 plants, capable of covering the entire range of possible waste treatments and recoveries, confirming the excellence of the Group on a national level.

Hera is also one of the main operators in Italy that generates electricity from waste, and is the only company that has managed to build and put 4 new WTE plants into operation in Italy over the last few years, increasing installed capacity to over 100 megawatts and 860,000 tons/year. Herambiente was established in July 2009, and is the special purpose entity created to facilitate supervision of the market and to exploit its unique professional experience gained from managing these plants to the full.

With respect to the lack of infrastructure in the Italian waste treatment sector, which culminated in the waste emergencies in Campania and Sicily, calls for tenders have been put in place to build new WTE plants in some regions of Italy. Herambiente is already preparing for participation in these calls for tenders in order to gain a foothold in this rapidly developing market.

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