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Customer satisfaction

A glance back over the strategies employed in the last 3 years

Since the Group's establishment in 2002, Hera has benefitted from a solid customer base that demanded good quality primary services and whose loyalty had built up over many years of services provided by former municipal enterprises who merged to form Hera.

The Group has always focused on the quality of the multiutility services and its post-sales support, and aims to maintain its customer satisfaction levels and hold its position on the deregulated markets.

The Group has made significant investments in the quality of its services in terms of reduction of service failure times, providing more rapid and efficient emergency services, improving measurement and meter reading systems, and making more analyses of water resource quality and the environmental impacts of its activities.

The quality of customer assistance has always been of strategic importance which has led to the significant improvement of service quality over the past few years, as can be seen in the financial statements of the last 3 years, in terms of counter and telephone waiting times, the amount of customer requests and how long they take to be resolved and the internet site operation for example.

The results of these activities are shown every year in the retail and business customer market research reports that show a constant increase in customer satisfaction for the service and after sales support over the past 3 years, to the point where it has reached a high rating (average vote about 7/10), with a reduction in "low" satisfaction ratings, and a higher concentration of customers with positive ratings, increasing every year.

Customer satisfaction trends improved once the unsettled transition period finished which had been related to the installation of new invoicing systems. The new utility billing system, along with the continued improvement in after sales support performance led to a rapid recovery of customer satisfaction levels, leading to an improved image of Hera, frequently seen as a reliable, transparent, customer orientated, innovative and sustainable company.

Customer research also indicated that customer satisfaction levels were related to a greater acceptance of Hera's "cross selling" in addition to word of mouth communication with other potential customers. These customer profiles partly explain the growth in sales over the last 3 years, and confirm the strategic validity of the investment made in this intangible asset, considered to be one of the main competitive advantages and the pillar stone of Hera's success.

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