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Industrial Relations

With regard to the provisions of the Group Supplementary Collective Labour Agreement dated 22 March 2006, a review of the reporting system was initiated, which takes into account the multi-regional and national scope of the Group, for the purpose of improving its effectiveness.
Trade union activity developed and concluded the discussion on public contracts, particularly considering the state of the art in applying the guidelines to all the territories of the Group.
Organisation of the responsibility for maintenance of the plants of the Waste Management division, now Herambiente Srl, was harmonised.
Final negotiations were launched to reorganise work shifts at the waste-to-energy plants to achieve consistency.
Union procedures were initiated and completed for the purpose of transferring company personnel in the waste management plants, Herambiente Srl
Discussion with union representatives was extended to issues regarding the significant organisational impact resulting from the integration of the Territorial Operating Companies. This process concluded at the end of 2009 and resulted in the transfer to Hera Spa of all activities performed by the TOCs, with the exception of customer management activities, which were transferred to Hera Comm Srl; the effective dates for these transfers was 31 December 2009.
Union issues essentially revolved around the effects of the organisational placement of personnel involved and the regulatory and financial effects following the restructuring.
As regards the latter, in September the review of the Group's Supplementary Collective Labour Agreement of 22 March 2006 began based on the platform presented by the Trade Unions Organisation. There were numerous meetings to integrate or modify the ordinary rules of union relations (Industrial Relations Protocol), Training, Safety, etc. The discussions are currently ongoing and will also result in the definition of a new agreement on the Group's Results Prize.

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