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Urban waste management: tariff framework

As at December 2009, 46% of municipalities served by the Urban Waste Management service have adopted the tariff system pursuant to Presidential Decree 158/99, serving a population equal to 65% of the territory served, 54% of the municipalities are still under the TARSU (Urban Solid Waste Tax) regime.

An accurate comparison of homogeneous consolidated data of Hera Group Consolidated provides some indications.

Hera Group consolidated
Urban Waste Management -
tariff revenues (TIA + TARSU)
20082009var %
Tariff Revenues (millions of Euro) 370 3864.2%
Population served * (000)2,6682,7071.5%
Average revenue per unit (Euro per inhabitant)138.6142.42.7%

* The population served in 2008 covers the perimeter of SIS Spa, a consolidated company of the Group Marche Multiservizi for homogeneity with 2009 data.

The overall increase in regulated revenues for the Urban Waste Management service to municipalities under license, equal to 4.2%, is due mostly to the average tariff increase of approximately 3.5%, which offsets the increased inflationary costs.
The remainder of the difference is due to the organic growth of the population served, for approximately 1.5%, to the net effect on earnings of the monitoring improvement initiatives on tariff subject entities, and to the decrease of areas served due to the closure of production activities seen during 2009.

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