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Integrated Water Service

The year 2009 was the second year of the 2008-2012 regulatory period concluded with all ATOs, except for the ATO Modena, for which the tariff agreement expired at end 2009.

The comparison with data of the 2008 financial year, adjusted to take account of revenues deriving from sub-supplies and industrial aqueduct, highlights, for 2009, and increase in revenue per unit by +3.1% compared to the previous year. This is mainly due to the application of tariff agreements resolved by ATOs that provide for a tariff convergence towards the entire coverage of costs.

Consolidated Hera Group - Water Cycle  - tariff revenues 20082009% Change
Tariff revenues (millions of Euro)        396.8        408.5 2.9%
Volumes (millions of cubic metre) 257.0 256.6 -0.2%
Average revenue per unit (Euro cents per cubic metre)154.4159.23.1%
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