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Income Statement

thousands of notes20092008
Change in inventories of finished products and work in progress4(1,878)2,604
Other operating income582,75573,081
of which non recurring16,841
Use of raw materials and consumables
(net of changes in inventories of raw materials and stock)
Service costs7(633,441)(716,045)
Personnel costs8(352,044)(331,078)
Amortisation, depreciation and allowances9(276,001)(247,556)
Other operating costs10(37,444)(43,688)
Capitalised costs1179,990248,530
Portion of profit (loss) pertaining to associated companies123,9212,123
Financial income1322,96722,162
Financial charges13(140,244)(116,169)
of which non recurring(12,254)
Total financial operations(113,356)(91,884)
Other non-operating costs14(15,319)0
Pre-tax profit162,601188,861
Taxes for the period15(77,637)(78,597)
Net profit for the period84,964110,264
Attributable to:
Shareholders of the Parent Company71,05294,765
Minority shareholders13,91215,499
Earnings per share15.1

thousands of 20092008
Net profit / (loss) for the year84,964110,264
- change in reserve for cash flow hedge
(net of the tax effect)
- change in reserve for cash flow hedge
of companies carried at equity (net of tax effect)
Total net profit / (loss) for the year82,00887,881
Attributable to:
Shareholders of the Parent Company68,22272,871
Minority shareholders13,78615,010