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5 Other operating income

Termination of lease contracts of the gas and district heating business units16,841016,841
Operating grants and grants for separated waste collection13,13311,4521,681
White certificates10,9388,9981,940
Capital gains on sales of goods7,3793,3044,075
Re-assessment of other provisions5,15413,289-8,135
Brokerage for waste treatment5,0486,601-1,553
Insurance reimbursements4,1508,010-3,860
Capital grants3,2553,23520
Costs reimbursed2,1992,020179
Sale of materials and stock to third parties630682-52
Other revenues, reimbursements and income12,27111,673598

The most significant changes that have occurred since last year are noted below.

The termination of lease contracts of the gas and district heating business units with the company Area Asset and Com.Ami, as part of the share capital increase of the parent company and following the transfer of the gas and district heating networks, generated non-recurrent extraordinary income equal to Euro 16,841 thousand. For a more exhaustive information on the nature of the transaction, reference is made to the Report on Operations.

Operating grants and grants for separated waste collection: this item shows an increase of Euro 1,681 thousand, mainly due to higher quantities of packaging (paper, cardboard, glass, wood) coming from the separated waste collection and sold to the Consortiums of the Conai Chain, as well as grants paid to the Parent Company by the RAEE Coordination Centre (electric and electronic equipment waste) based on the provisions of the programme agreement entered into with Anci on 18 July 2008, regarding the new RAEE management system.

Capital gains on sales of goods: it should be especially noted that the sale of real estate properties in Bologna - Via Tolmino (building used as garage for vehicles used for the waste management services) and Viale Berti Pichat (building near Via Ranzani), generated Euro 1,855 thousand and Euro 3,300 thousand in capital gains, respectively. The capital gain on the sale of telecommunications equipment, amounting to Euro 1,430 thousand, should be also noted.

Re-assessment of other provisions: this item is mainly composed of the landfill post-closure provision and the provision for disposal of waste stored (Euro 2,366 thousand), as well as of the provision for future electricity service costs (Euro 1,463 thousand).

Insurance reimbursements: this item refers to the reimbursement received following the fire occurred in the WDF and IRE plants in Ravenna (Euro 1,312 thousand) as well as in the waste-to-energy plant in Modena (Euro 510 thousand) and damages to other assets (Euro 2,328 thousand).

Other revenues, reimbursements and income: the item includes revenues regarding the contract signed by the parent company and ICQ Holding Spa for the exploitation of energy from biogas produced by landfills, Euro 2,750 thousand, as well as for the cost recovery from waste management services, Euro 2,169 thousand.

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