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7 Costs for services

Waste transportation, disposal and collection services159,582140,41419,168
Charges for works and maintenance128,992252,880-123,888
Energy transport and storage103,58869,59633,992
Fees paid to local authorities73,54276,051-2,509
Technical, organisation, legal and tax assistance consultancy21,82013,7428,078
Rents and leases payable18,56120,370-1,809
Postal and telephone costs16,19212,6753,517
Technical services14,06817,283-3,215
IT and data processing services11,19012,966-1,776
Recruitment, training and other staff costs10,82210,520302
Bank fees and charges7,4366,694742
Announcements and advertising6,0327,941-1,909
Cleaning and security costs5,3795,213166
Remuneration to Statutory Auditors and Directors5,2995,081218
Meter readings5,2593,7971,462
Laboratory analysis3,5694,704-1,135
Industrial utilities (water, methane, heat and electrical energy)3,3545,178-1,824
Fees payable3,1084,542-1,434
Other service costs20,30429,489-9,185

The most substantial changes by comparison with the previous year are described below.

Waste transportation, disposal and collection services: the increase is due to a higher number of waste management services rendered to some municipalities. This increase in costs was followed by an increase in revenues which were included in the tariff (TIA).

Charges for works and maintenance: the decrease is mainly due to the total demerger of the Territorial Operating Companies (TOC), with which the service contract by the same TOC, on behalf of the parent company, was terminated. These services were then capitalised by Hera Spa.

Energy transport and storage: the increase is attributable to higher volumes of electricity sold on third party grids.

Fees paid to local authorities: the decrease is mainly due to the early termination of the lease contract with Area Asset and Con.Ami, following the already mentioned transaction, with recognition of lower costs for fees, equal to Euro 2,313 thousand.

Rents and leases payable: the increase is entirely due to the consolidation of the companies Acantho Spa and Satcom Spa, and the subsequent elimination of infragroup costs.

For further information reference is made to the Report on Operations.

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