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8 Personnel costs

Wages and salaries247,800233,61714,183
Social security81,51473,6567,858
Employee leaving indemnity and other benefits8751,132-257
Other costs21,85522,673-818

The increases in labour costs, compared with the year 2008, are connected with contract-based payments , higher taxes and the change in the scope of consolidation (mainly Acantho Spa and SatCom Spa).

The average number of employees in the periods in question, analysed by category, is as follows:

Middle Management32330221
White-collar workers3,1422,952190
Blue-collar workers2,8913,106-215
Average number6,4816,4792

The total, average, per capita cost of labour in the financial year 2009 was Euro 54 thousand higher than in the same period in the previous year, an increase of 5.8%.

As at 31 December 2009, the effective number of employees was 6,481.

The different disclosure of some items, with respect to figures disclosed in 2008, is shown hereunder.

Employee leaving indemnity2,114-9821,132
Other costs21,69198222,673
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