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9 Amortisation, depreciation and allowances

Depreciation of tangible fixed assets177,900155,69922,201
Amortisation of intangible fixed assets46,61441,1445,470
Bad debt provisions26,35222,4043,948
Provisions for risks and charges25,13528,309-3,174

For further information on the items, please see comments under "tangible fixed assets", "intangible assets", "trade receivables" and "provisions for risks and charges". The increase in depreciation of tangible assets and amortisation of intangible assets, compared to 2008, is ascribable to new investments made and, as per Euro 10,480 thousand, to the enlargement of the scope of consolidation to the companies Acantho Spa, Satcom Spa and Agea Reti Spa.

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