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17 Intangible fixed assets

Patents and know-how38,61442,168(3,554)
Licences, trademarks and similar rights95,709111,249(15,540)
Work in progress and advance payments31,89833,251(1,353)

Intangible fixed assets comprise:

  Industrial patent
Licences, trademarks
and similar rights
OtherWork in progress and
advance payments
Total intangible
Balance as at31/12/2008 133,108 242,288 31,430 33,251 440,077
Increases 3,5931,0279,05120,53734,208
Disinvestments (696)(11)(4,203)(1,456)(6,366)
Changes in scope of consolidation  321 4,25232,163 4136,777
Other changes  18,601(6,061)150(20,475)(7,785)
Balance as at31/12/2009 154,927 241,495 68,591 31,898 496,911
Balance as at31/12/2008 90,940 131,039 20,908 -   242,887
Amortisation for the year 26,00514,6365,973 -  46,614
Disinvestments (695)(7)(4,144) -  (4,846)
Change in scope of consolidation 64 3,68115,378 -  19,123
Other changes  -  (3,564)83 -  (3,481)
Balance as at31/12/2009 116,314 145,785 38,198 -   300,297
Net value      
Balance as at31/12/200842,168111,24910,52233,251197,190
Balance as at31/12/2009 38,613 95,710 30,393 31,898 196,614

Item "Patents and know-how", totalling Euro 38,613 thousand as at 31 December 2009, mainly relates to costs incurred for the purchase and implementation of IT systems SAP R/3 ECC6 and related application systems. These costs are amortised over five years.

Item "Licences, trademarks and similar rights" amounts to Euro 95,710 thousand as at 31 December 2009 comprises the following:

  • Euro 88,618 thousand for the licences held by the parent company Hera Spa, mainly composed of the value of rights regarding gas, water, and purification plants. The decrease in this item is mainly due to the changeover from concession to ownership of assets related to the purification services in the Municipalities of San Pietro in Casale, Castel di Casio, Malalbergo and Crespellano, as well as assets related to the gas service in the Municipalities of Baricella, Castenaso, Galliera, Granarolo, Malalbergo, Pianoro e Monzuno, as provided under the related contracts on reaching the expiry dates of said concession;
  • Euro 5,762 thousand from licences, trademarks and similar rights granted by the Parent Company;

Item "Other intangible assets", equal to Euro 30,393 thousand as at 31 December 2009, mainly relates to the expenses incurred for the mapping, Geographical Information System (GIS), other sundry long-term charges, rights of use of networks and infrastructures for the passage and laying of optical fibre telecommunication networks.
The increase in this item, equal to Euro 19,871 thousand compared to 31 December 2008, is mainly attributable to the change in the scope of consolidation (Acantho Spa and Satcom Spa).

Item "Work in progress", equal to Euro 31,898 thousand as at 31 December 2009, essentially represents the costs incurred for still incomplete IT projects at the date of this report. This item remained substantially unchanged compared to the previous year.

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