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Loan receivables from associated and other companies10,1098,4661,643
Receivables for mortgages to be collected and advanced commissions425109316
Fixed-income securities122-21

The item "loan receivables from associated companies and other" comprises the following loans, non-interest bearing or regulated at rates in line with the market, granted by the Parent Company to the following companies:

  • Set Spa, Euro 4,815 thousand;
  • Sei Spa, Euro 2,530 thousand.
  • Oikothen Scarl, Euro 1,804 thousand;
  • Modena Network Spa, Euro 960 thousand;

The increase of Euro 1,643 thousand compared to 31 December 2008, refers to the increase in loans granted to the associated companies Sei Spa, Euro 683 thousand, and Modena Network Spa, amounting to Euro 960 thousand.

As regards item "Receivables for mortgages to be collected and advanced commissions" relate to the Parent Company and the increase compared with the previous year is due to the recording of receivables for advanced payments of bank commissions (upfront fees) to some banks.

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