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33 Deferred tax liabilities

Deferred tax liabilities42,3505,28937,061
Other IAS/IFRS deferred liabilities90,451116,165-25,714

Deferred tax liabilities are generated by temporary differences between the balance sheet profit and taxable income. The increase over the previous year is attributable to a different classification than that recorded as at 31 December 2008 between the deferred tax effects resulting from IAS/IFRS (please see the item fixed assets).

Deferred tax payables generated by IAS/IFRS effects are reported separately. These liabilities refer to application of the following principles:

IAS 38 Intangible Assets505
IAS 37 Restoration of third-party assets and landfill post-closure25,92934,152-8,223
IAS 16 Fixed Assets35,65669,521-33,865
IAS 17 Financial Leasing4,3045,158-854
IAS 19 Employee leaving indemnity and other employee benefits5,3045,185119
IAS 39 Derivatives1,6912,149-458
IFRS 3 Business Combinations17,561017,561

The decrease in the provision for deferred taxes compared to the provision for restoration of third party assets is attributable to the consensual resolution of leasehold contracts of business lines with the companies Area Asset and Con.Ami occurred on 29 July 2009; the effect of these resolutions, as the balance, or repayment liability, of the tenant against the grantor, was lower than the provision for restoration allocated on the financial statements, generating extraordinary income for the difference, subject to tax, Therefore, the reversal effect of the accumulated IAS difference on this provision for restoration has been considered all in one year, with the simultaneous absorption of deferred taxes already entered in the financial statements.
The increase in deferred tax relating to the IFRS3 transaction is due to the transfer of the respective business units by Area Asset and Con.Ami, leading to the posting of higher and lower values for assets which are not recognised for tax purposes.

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