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35 Trade payables

Payables to suppliers500,154494,9665,188
Payables to suppliers for invoices not yet received521,305542,130-20,825
Advance payments liabilities9,57010,717-1,147
Payables to non-consolidated subsidiary companies175499-324
Payables due to associated companies17,01036,115-19,105

Payables to suppliers, all of a commercial nature and inclusive of sums set aside to cover invoices due, total Euro 1,021,459 thousand as at 31 December 2009 compared to Euro 1,037,096 thousand as 31 December 2008.

The item "advance payments liabilities" consists primarily of advance payments received for tender contracts for environmental decontamination and gas supply.

The key amounts owed to associated companies, again for commercial reasons, are itemised below:

  • Set Spa, Euro 9,527 thousand;
  • FlameEnergy Trading Gmbh, Euro 2,370 thousand;
  • SoSel Spa, Euro 2,320 thousand;
  • Estense Global Service Scarl, Euro 1,695 thousand;
  • Service Imola Srl, Euro 916 thousand.

The decrease compared to 31 December 2008 is mainly due to the line-by-line consolidation of:

  • Acantho Spa, for which payables due of Euro 16,527 thousand had been recorded;
  • Agea Reti Srl for Euro 585 thousand.

The further reduction in the liability position is due to a combined effect of increase and decrease in other payables of associated companies, whose effect is derived from the decrease in payables due to the associated company Set SpA, for Euro 2,712 thousand.

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